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Talking Heads Turntable: Speaking in Tongues


Speaking in Tongues, also known as glossolalia – when a person produces words or speech-like sounds in a trance-like state“believers” often take to be an unknown or ancient language – is also one of Talking Heads’ most iconic records. Yes, it was very hard to narrow it down to one. But we decided, “this must be the place…” Burning Down the House, Girlfriend is Better, I Get Wild, Swamp, Moonrocks – just to name a few. It’s all killer, no filler. See the whole track listing on the back.

Size: 1.5″
Metal: Polished and Recessed Silver
Cost: $15
Backstamp: Entire Track Listing + MYFE.
Other: Live Spinning Record
LE: 100
Clasps: Blue + Yellow Rubber

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