Cats Under the Stars Turntable


1978 was one of the world’s best years in music. Cats Under the Stars supports this notion and lives on as a replete hologram of Jerry Garcia’s musical vision. This is the first Jerry Garcia Band piece by MYFE. We employed a new UV technique to give this classic Technics 1200 design a unique sparkle. As usual, the CUTS Turntable has the full track listing imprinted on the back while the record spins on a timeless loop… “Doing It Just for You. Just for You!”

Size: 1.5″
Colors: 2 + UV Print
Metal: Polished and Recessed Silver
Backstamp: Entire Track Listing + MYFE. Stamp
Other: Live Spinning Record and Galaxy Deck
LE: 100
Clasps: Purple Rubber x 2

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