MYFE. specializes in custom memorabilia, branding and promotional resources, with a specific interest in jewel-quality cloisonné lapel pins.  From graphic design to production, from vision to treasure, MYFE. is a turn-key, one-stop-shop for custom memorabilia.  

We obsess over detail and spare no expense getting every product up to showcase status. Once we are finally ‘there,’ we press in very limited batches so that you are guaranteed to have something special and unique.

Clearly, our passion is for a little quartet from Vermont you may have heard of…  However, MYFE. is a conduit for a limitless range of applications and efforts.  Whatever your business, your pleasure or your message, we enjoy taking on new projects and guarantee the highest quality results for products you and yours will treasure for years to come. 

Why pins?  Pins are the world’s smallest billboard, wrapping text, logos, and artistic imagery into a single wearable, interchangeable package.  Unlike a billboard, poster or ad, they are personal - literally attached to you and yours.  Unlike a t-shirt, hat or other apparel, MYFE. pins will not fade, stain, shrink or tatter.  They will always remain as bright and beautiful as the day they were purchased.  Better yet, they may be interchanged, worn on lapels, hats, bags, (virtually anywhere) and stay perfectly positioned until you choose to transplant onto another item.  Finally, MYFE. products are developed with the criteria of “collectability” in mind, to be treasured with a sentimentality akin to your lucky ball cap, your favorite earrings, or that special limited edition print in your living room.  MYFE. aims to create this caliber of product with each and every project.

Thank you so much for supporting MYFE.  You make us tick.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your thoughts, criticism, rants or raves.  Please check back with us on the regular for new releases, partner projects and general mayhem.  

And above all . . . Enjoy,