Without A Net Turntable


Without a Net encapsulates the Dead at their self-admitted peak. When discussing what our first MYFE. GD turntable should be, we leapt at this one. Why? Mostly because we grew up on this album and it was effectively unavailable on vinyl until very recently. A few days after we finalized this design, GDP announced the re-release of this critical 1990 record. Coincidence? Probably not. We think they copied us. Please enjoy our tribute to this absolute monster GD masterpiece. The turntable spins Without a Net endlessly, with amazing album art detail on the record, and includes the full track listing on the back. Silky Silky, Crazy Crazy Night!

Size: 1.5″
Colors: 13 + uncanny silkscreen of album art
Metal: Polished and Recessed Gold
Backstamp: Entire Track Listing + MYFE. Stamp
Other: Live Spinning Record and Translucent Deck
LE: 100
Clasps: Orange Rubber x 2

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