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After Midnight
Size: 1" High
Metal: Polished Silver
Colors: 10
Cost: $15
LE: 60 (50 available online)

“After Midnight. We gonna let it all hang down. After Midnight. We gonna chugalug and shout.” The rare cover debuted at Big Cypress; so, Twenty Years Later and 35 years after the debut of unsung holiday masterpiece 'Gremlins’, Gizmo is here to represent New Year’s runs past and future. Very limited quantities available, unless you get them wet, expose them to light, or feed them… After Midnight. Gonna stimulate some action. We gonna get some satisfaction. We gonna find out what it is all A-BOUT.

*Note: These pins are in transit. We are taking orders now so that we can mail them as soon as they land. We expect some mailers to arrive before X-mas, and all before the MSG shows.

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