• Image of Theme from the Aquatic
  • Image of Theme from the Aquatic

The latest in the MYFE. Window Pane series is a mash up of grand proportions. The Deep Search, navigating through ancient, vibrant coral had an entanglement of dire proportions in the kelp. While cutting free Team Zissuau with the elusive leopard shark lurking, our fearless diver (the Fish Man?) is confronted by a massive blue ringed octopus. Let your imagination decide how it ends. This subaquatic 3D window pane is dual-plated gold and silver metal with a translucent enamel sea. Diving in at 17 colors, this design may be the most detailed MYFE. Design yet. This is a Limited Edition with only 75 available. Secure this Porthole portal before it’s forced to swim up.

Size: 1.25″ 
Metal: Silver and Gold
Other: 3D dual-plated metal and cloisonné inner layer
Backstamp: MYFE. and Jacqueline/Deep Search
Clasps: Green Rubber 
Price: $20 
LE: 100

Sold Out