• Image of Pollinator Series v3: “Symbiosis”
  • Image of Pollinator Series v3: “Symbiosis”

The third project in the MYFE. pollinator series, “Echinacea” (aka Purple Cone Flower) and “Fly Famous Monarch” represent a mutually beneficial relationship between two different species, and one we humans also benefit from in the form of medicine. A portion of sales from each Pollinator edition will go directly to a relevant non-profit. 10% of all sales from “Symbiosis” will go to the Blue Ridge Chapter of the National MS Society (you will also find Virginia hidden in the wings).

Pollinator Series v3: “Symbiosis”
Size: 1.25" and 1”
Metal: Polished Silver
Cost: $20 for both
LE: 100 (75 available online)

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