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The Midi-chlorians


The Midi-chlorians
The MYFE. midi-chlorian glows so bright you can read or lead by it on your Jedi quest. Backstamped with “The Force”, May IT Be With You.

The Midi-chlorians
Size: 1.25″
Metal: Polished and Recessed Black Nickel
Colors: 3 + 2 Glitter + Glow
Backstamp: The Force
Other: Heavy Duty Glow
Cost: $15
Open Edition: This is our only Open Edition pin.

Background: The Force is the underlying, pervasive source of energy that supports and envelops all Life in the Universe. Midi-chlorians are microscopic organisms that live symbiotically within the cells of every living being. They communicate with The Force. Without midi-chlorians, Life itself would not be possible. The higher one’s concentration of midi-chlorians, the stronger one’s predilection toward becoming Jedi. By learning to commune with the midi-chlorians, a handful of individuals throughout time-space have achieved “Jedi” status and, with it, accomplished incredible feats for the enhancement and protection of Life in the Universe.

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