• Image of Tipper Spirit of Suwannee Turntable
  • Image of Tipper Spirit of Suwannee Turntable

Designed with our longtime collaborator, Spencer Carson, this turntable evokes a vintage Florida sunset draped with glittery Spanish moss and a mirrored, glow in the dark spinner. The intense amount of detail in a smaller 1.25” size makes this turntable highly rockable and collectible. We were only able to secure 25 for the MYFE. Turntable collectors. As such, please only 1 per person. Much Love and Many Thanks.

Metal: Polished and Recessed Silver
Price: $20
Backstamp: Tipper & Friends Event Info + Spensei + MYFE.
Other: Glow in the Dark Tipper Logo + Live Spinning Record
Clasps: Blue Rubber
LE: 150 (only 25 available online)

Sold Out