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Pollinator Series #1: “Birdwatcher”

Size: 1.25"
Metal: Black Nickel
Colors: 17 + 7 Glitter
Cost: $18

LE: 100 (70 available online)
PollinatorSeries #1: *Birdwatcher* Pollinator: pol·li·na·tor | pä-lə-nā-tər: Onethat pollinates. Pollinators are animals that fertilize plants, resulting in the formation of seeds and the fruit surrounding seeds. In short, pollinatorshelp plants get it on...  resulting inmore Nature. And we support that. So this is the first in a new MYFE. series oficonic pollinators. While every pollinator might not be as pretty as this hummingbird- bees, bats, butterflies and beetles are all in the crew - each is equallybeautiful when you look close enough. One more thing: a portion of sales fromeach Pollinator edition will go directly to a relevant non-profit. 10% of allsales from “Birdwatcher” will go to our friends at @NorfolkBotanicalGarden. To learn more about NBG and their dedicated hummingbird to garden, visit norfolkbotanicalgarden.org/explore.

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