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Coming late in the second set of The Island Run’s opening show, this “Twist” jam elevated in full, giving us the first true sense that something greater was at work. What started as an outrageous Phish concert had turned into a completely sublime experience. As “Twist” reached a higher plane, Kuroda blanketed the venue with moving, narrow white beams of light, creating an overwhelmingly, extra-terrestrial feel. As the futuristic music with this alien lighting display, a powerfully cathartic moment crystallized; a moment so surreal that if you were there, you’ll never forget the Nassau “Twist.” We paused the video at the exact moment, capturing a screen shot of the lights, as precisely as they were during the jam. – ibid Mr. Miner/MYFE.4.2.98 – “Twist”
15th Anniversary Sale Button: $15 Holler


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